Fugawi Debuts X-Traverse Facebook Application

Toronto, ON-based software manufacturer Northport Systems Inc. has added Facebook social networking capabilities to its web-based data service, X-Traverse, for use with the Fugawi iNavX real-time marine chartplotting App for iPhone.

With the new X-Traverse Facebook application, users can share their iNavX adventures with friends by posting their position, tracks and photo waypoints to their Facebook account news feed. The intuitive Facebook application displays an interactive map with route overlays and “camera quick-links” to photo-waypoints. Offering seamless data transfer between mobile applications and PC or Mac software, X-Traverse not only allows users to safely save, retrieve and move mobile data, it provides easy-to-use functionality for sharing location and trip details on the world's most popular networking site.

“We are pleased to expand the Fugawi X-Traverse mobile capabilities with the release of our new Facebook application,” said Robin Martel, president of Northport Systems. “The App connects a user's X-Traverse and Facebook accounts to provide a unique and simple one-click solution for sharing mapped locations and trip details with their Facebook friends.”