Garmin Announces GHS 20/20i Wireless Remote Handset

Garmin has announced a new wireless remote designed to work with its VHF 200 and VHF 300 series radios, as well as the VHF 200i and VHF 300i international models.

Described as rugged, waterproof and simple to use, the GHS 20/20i offers a backlit LCD display, soft keys, a rotary knob to adjust the volume, squelch and channel selection, and a built-in speaker microphone for use in loud environments. Using the intercom function, mariners can communicate with the base station, and the GHS 20/20i wireless handset also has a DSC distress function and 16/9 or 16+ channel selection right on the handset. The GHS 20/20i uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and has up to 18 hours of battery life. A charging cradle is sold with the handset. 

“With the GHS 20 or GHS 20i, your boat's communication station doesn't have to be stationary,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin's Vice President Of Worldwide Sales. “The GHS 20/20i wireless handset is an invaluable accessory to mariners, as it gives them the freedom to move about the boat while always having full control of their VHF radio.”

A bundled version that couples a GHS 20/20i with a GWH 20 wireless hub is also available and provides Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless hub supports up to three GHS 20/20i handsets onboard, giving you the flexibility to expand your onboard communication system, while giving you the ability to use walky-talky capabilities between handsets.

The GHS 20/20i wireless remote handsets are scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 2011. MSRP for the GHS 20 is $299, while the GHS 20 with GWH 10 bundle is $399.