Georgian College Marine Mechanic Students Seek Spring Placements

Boating Ontario is seeking marinas and boat dealers to provide spring placements for Georgian College students. The students are enrolled in the one-year Marine Engine Mechanic course at the Midland Campus in Midland Ontario.

“The students finish in April and need a four-week placement upon graduation,” says Brian Allen, Manager of Boating Ontario's Careers in Boating Program. “We'd like our members to take on one of these students. For those who are looking for a technician, this is a great opportunity. It's no charge to them, but they can pay the students if they wish. This is an opportunity for them to test-drive a student. Ideally, we want this to lead to full-time employment, and particularly apprenticeship.”

Allen says students coming out of the program have a good basic knowledge of all the components of a gas or diesel marine engine as well as electrical systems. “They're not fully trained technicians, but they can perform multiple useful tasks,” explains Allen.

Boating Ontario shared a booth with the college at the recently concluded Toronto International Boat Show where it demonstrated the skills of students as they took apart and reassembled a marine engine.  According to Allen, by the end of the show seven of Boating Ontario's members had visited the booth to pick up placement packages and meet some of the students.

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