Georgian College Offers Marine Electrical Seminars in February and March

Georgian College’s Midland, Ontario campus will host a series of marine electrical seminars throughout February and March. The seminars will provide theoretical and practical training for both new and seasoned technicians seeking to brush up their skills set in the electrical and electronic areas of the marine industry.

There are seven seminars in total, each of which is four hours in length.

Seminars include:

Marine Electrical Systems – Basic (February 5): An introduction to the troubleshooting of common components and electrical installations on boats, introduction to meters and testing, Ohm’s Law, voltage, amperage and resistance.

Marine Electrical Systems – Intermediate (February 12): Building on the first seminar, this seminar looks at more advanced marine circuits and troubleshooting integrated systems.

Marine Electrical Systems – Advanced (February 19): This seminar deals with shore power applications, generator and inverter systems and the methods of integration on board a vessel.

Marine Electronic Systems – Basic (February 26): This seminar provides an introduction to basic electronic component layout and installation.

Marine Electronic Systems – Intermediate (March 5): This seminar provides installation and troubleshooting methods related to the PLUS SYSTEM.

Marine Electronic Systems – Advanced (March 12): This seminar provides information relating to marine multiple system integration and communication.

Vessel Grounding and Corrosion Prevention (March 19): This seminar provides information related to the installation and troubleshooting of vessel grounding systems.

All seminars are delivered at the Boating Centre of Excellence at Georgian College’s Midland Campus. Each seminar is $148.80 (including HST).

For more information on the seminars call Phil LeBoeuf, Manager of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Georgian College (705) 526-3666 ext. 3723