Globe and Mail Recognizes Bill Milne as Canadian Innovator

In mid September, The Globe and Mail recognized several Canadian Innovations, including one serving the recreational marine industry. Bill Milne of Alex Milne and Associates, based in Etobicoke, Ontario, was one of 12 Canadians honoured by the Globe and Mail's Innovators at Work contest.

The newspaper's announcement naming the winners highlighted the point that some of the most significant innovations aren't necessarily the most high tech.

Milne won in the Globe and Mail's Science and Technology category for his efforts to improve the environmental friendliness of marine, RV, cottage and general chemical products. He was recognized for developing a number of safer, more ecologically minded products, including water-based boat cleaners, mosquito repellents made from garlic oil, and plant- and mineral-based products designed to reduce dust in horse arenas.

The Globe and Mail's innovation competition seeks individuals who made a significant impact on their respective industry and in some way have changed the lives of Canadians for the better.

Split into six categories, recipients are recognized in the fields of: natural resources, manufacturing and retail, finance and professional services, science and technology, public sector and academia, and health.

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