Godfrey Marine and Sea-Legs Form OEM Partnership

Godfrey Marine, Elkhard, IN, has formed an OEM partnership with Sea-Legs Inc., Chanhassen, MN, to feature the company's built-in lifting system on its pontoon boat brands including Sanpan, Aqua Patio, Sweetwater and Parti Kraft. Available as an option, the system will be offered on Godfrey models beginning the 2010 model year.

Sea-Legs manufacturers portable, hydraulic lift systems that attach to the underside of a pontoon and fold down to lift the model out of the water. The system can lift a vessel up to six feet from the lake bottom to the deck. Sea-Leg's six-foot model requires a pontoon to be in water four-and-a-half to five feet deep to take the buoyancy off the tubes or four feet deep to take a pontoon's tubes fully out of the water. While in use, Sea-Legs is said to prevent drifting, banging, algae contact and discolouration.

The lifting system tucks within five to seven inches of the deck when not in use, runs off of the boat's battery and operates via remote control. Available for models from 18 to 26 feet and coming in four- and six-foot versions, the system is also designed for pontoons with eight-foot, six-inch-wide decks and 25-inch tubes. Sea-Legs can also operate with eight-foot-wide decks and small diameter pontoons. The units are compatible with double- and triple-tube models and add between 340 to 540 pounds to the vessel. The two-tube model comes with two heavy-duty hydraulic lift modules that provide up to 5,800 pounds of lift capacity while the triple-tube model has four heavy-duty hydraulic lift modules providing up to 7,500 pounds of lift capacity. Front and back legs can be operated independently for leveling purposes.

Godfrey Marine is part of Nautic Global Group, a manufacturer of nine boat brands.