Government Programs To Help Fund Business Development

A variety of funding sources exist from federal, provincial and regional government agencies in support of Canadian small businesses. Many of these initiatives are relevant to the recreational boating business.



 Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Offers funding to small to medium-sized businesses in Atlantic Canada looking to modernize or expand operations.


Business Development Program

Offers interest-free loans to help small- and medium-sized businesses in eastern Canada expand and/or modernize their operations.


Business Development Bank of Canada

Offers financial assistance for new product launches, product development, adding e-commerce to your business or upgrading marketing and promotional strategies.


Business Development Bank of Canada

Offers financing for new business start-ups.


Business Development Bank of Canada

Offers market expansion loans of up to $100,000 for use in prospecting overseas business, attending foreign trade shows, inventory purchase for export and more.


Canada Small Business Financing Program

Helps new and expanding small businesses access financing for land, buildings and equipment.


Canada/Atlantic Provinces Agreement On International Business Development

Helps established exporters in Atlantic Canada expand their activities into new and more diversified markets; also helps new exporters get started.


Trade Assistance Program for Trade Shows

Is your Manitoba-based business ready to export? Access funding for trade show attendance with this initiative.


Export Express Credit

Provides unsecured loans to help smaller firms develop export business.


Export Guarantee Program

Facilitates loans from existing financial institutions for export-related activities or foreign investments.


Supplier Financing

Provides firms with immediate access to cash rather than waiting for payment from your foreign buyers.


Canada Small Business Financing Program

Facilitates loans for establishing, expanding, modernizing and improving small businesses.


Team Canada Atlantic

Organizes trade missions for Atlantic Canada businesses looking to expand to or export to the US.