HamiltonJet Celebrates Production Milestone with Harbercraft

Waterjet manufacturer HamiltonJet, Christchurch, NZ, has reached a production milestone with the completion of its 10,000th HJ212 waterjet model. The 10,000th unit will be installed into an all-new 23 foot Harbercraft 2375 V8 powered jet boat.

"The first HJ212 was built in February 1995, and was later fitted into a NZ-built sprint racing boat sponsored by HamiltonJet and Shell,' explained Tony Kean, Publicity Officer at HamiltonJet in Christchurch, NZ. "HJ212 waterjets have also been installed into boats operating in the UK, Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Chile, China and many other countries where river conditions require the shallow draft, safety and maneuverability only waterjet propulsion can provide.'

The majority of HamiltonJet's HJ212s have been sold into the Pacific northwest of Canada and the US, with many others going to jet boats built in New Zealand and Australia.  

"We're honoured that HamiltonJet selected Harbercraft Boats to celebrate their 10,000 unit milestone,' explains Byron Bolton, Harbercraft CEO. "The HJ212 is a perfect propulsion match for our exciting new Harbercraft 23 foot fast water model. We are building 10 HJ-10K Special Edition models to commemorate this event. Each will feature the embroidered HJ-10K seat logo, certificate of authenticity, aluminum Harbercraft dash plate and HamiltonJet HJ-10K side graphic.'