Higher Attendance at London Boat, Fishing and Leisure Show

Ideal weather may have played a part in higher traffic at this year's London Boat, Fishing and Leisure Show. Held at the Western Fair Grounds in London Ontario last week, show organizers report that the three-day event attracted an overall attendance of nearly 14,000 people.

"Everything went very well,' says Don Chamberlain, Show Director. "We had nine more exhibitors than last year. Our display sales were up 5.5 percent and, oddly enough, our attendance was up 5.5 percent too.'

Chamberlain says this year the show featured additional radio promotion. Four radio stations performed live, remote broadcasts to promote the event. Two of the stations were from the London area; one was from Chatham and the other from Sarnia. "I think it really helped us with our weekend attendance,' says Chamberlain.

Exhibitors were pleased with the opportunity to promote their exhibit space over the air in their respective hometowns, which may have contributed to their success at the show.

"The show was very successful – there were a lot of people there,' says Mike Saunders, General Manager of Bridgeview Yachts Inc. in Sarnia, ON. "We had a big 33-foot Larson cruiser at our booth that people could tour. It created interest for us because it was one of the largest boats at the show. We had a lot of action, more than I've seen in years. At one point, we had about 50 people in line waiting to see the boat. We also did a live feed from with a local Sarnia radio station right from our booth and that worked out really well too. I've got people interested in buying the boat that I wouldn't necessarily have met otherwise. Today, we had someone we met at the show purchase one of our pre-owned boats that we had listed on our board at our booth.'

"We were very pleased with the show this year,' says Rob Rule, General Manager of Maple City Marine in Chatham, ON. "The weather was excellent during the weekend. We did four segments with a local Chatham radio station to promote our presence at the event. We talked about our dealership, our Bennington pontoon line and specific incentives we were offering. We tried to speak about specific things that visitors could come in looking for.'

Next year, The London Boat, Fishing and Leisure Show is scheduled to run from February 22 to 24.