Hubbell Canada's Marine Sales and Marketing Moved to US

Hubbell Marine, Milford, CT has announced that it will be managing marine sales and marketing for Canada. The US-based branch takes over the responsibility from Hubbell Canada, based in Pickering, ON.

According to Joe DiMaria, Hubbell Marine's director of marine marketing and sales, taking over responsibility for Canada was part of a “refocusing of responsibilities,” which he believes is appropriate since the US-branch already handles the company's marine sales and marketing domestically and internationally. DiMaria also explained that the transition has already taken place seamlessly and without the loss of any jobs.

“Our division specializes in the marine industry,” said DiMaria. “[Hubbell Canada] will still fulfill orders as our distribution center, but the management, sales and marketing responsibilities now reside in Connecticut. Our response time in the Canadian market will be greatly enhanced. We have inventory in place there. That was not the case prior. We've also appointed sales representation to allow us to call on our customer base.”

Hubbell Marine has enlisted the aid of JD Wright & Associates Marketing to cover its customers in central and eastern Canada, focusing primarily on Ontario and Quebec. Hubbell also expanded the territory of Marine Markets West to include British Columbia, in addition to the territory it covers already in the Western United States.