Imtra Goes Green With Solar Power Project

LED lighting manufacturer Imtra Corporation has completed a new initiative to reduce energy consumption at its corporate headquarters. Imtra's energy-saving efforts include the installation of high-yield solar panels on all suitable roofing surfaces, resulting in the reduction of outside power consumption by 70 percent.

The company also installed higher energy-efficient bulbs throughout the facility, resulting in an additional nine percent savings.

"Imtra has been at the forefront of power-conscious LED lighting solutions for years and this investment in our facility epitomizes our corporate philosophy and commitment to energy efficiency,' said Nat Bishop, Imtra CEO. "Not only is it good for our operations, it is good for the environment. Imtra's investment in ‘green' energy conversion will pay for itself within four years and with a product life rating of 25 years, the solar panels will generate positive cash flow for an additional 21 years.”

Imtra Corporation manufactures a series of energy-efficient, low-power LED lighting products for the marine industry.