J & D Acquisitions Announces 2011 Model Year Introductions

J & D Acquisitions (J&D) announced today that it is moving its 2011 model year introductions for its Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft, and Triumph boat brands to September, 2010. These brands, produced in Little Falls, Minnesota, have traditionally introduced their new models on or before July 1.

“This is absolutely the correct move, not only for our brands, but for the entire recreational boating industry,” said Irwin Jacobs, J&D Chairman. “Moving the 2011 model year introductions to September will allow our dealers to continue to sell and order new 2010 products during the height of the retail selling season without being concerned that 2011 products will interfere with and/or depreciate the value of their 2010 boat inventories.

“For several years I have proposed that the recreational boating industry delay new model year introductions into fall rather than during the summer at the height of the selling season,” continued Jacobs. “2010 marks the first year that the industry leaders are in agreement over moving the 2011 model year introductions to the fall.”

J & D Acquisitions is the manufacturer of six boat lines, including Marquis and Carver yachts, built at the company's manufacturing facility in Pulaski, Wisconsin, and the Larson, Seaswirl, FinCraft, and Triumph boat lines, built at its state-of-the-art VEC boat manufacturing facility in Little Falls, Minnesota.

“By moving our model year start to September, we believe we will be putting our dealers in the best possible position … over the summer and into the upcoming boat show season in the fall offering new 2011 products,” said Jacobs.