Jeppesen Marine Signs Two Agreements with CHS

Jeppesen Marine has signed two new licensing agreements with the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS).

The first agreement names Jeppesen a CHS Value-Added Reseller, authorizing the company to integrate CHS products and updates into its own products. The second agreement authorizes Jeppesen as a dealer of CHS Service Digital Charts including CHS Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and BSB raster charts. It also allows Jeppesen to issue CHS ENCs in type-approved SENC format.

“Thanks to this direct agreement with a leading ENC provider, Jeppesen Marine will be able to provide navigators with CHS digital charts and updates in an efficient and user-friendly manner,” said Hilton Cowie of Jeppesen Marine's business operations – High Seas Division. “Our customers will now be able to take full advantage of our type-approved SENC distribution format, when they operate in Canadian waters.”

The agreement is one of a series of reseller agreements the CHS has signed with manufacturers, allowing them to bundle its products and data into value-added products.

Jeppesen Marine has signed similar ENC distribution agreements with several hydrographic offices in other parts of the globe including India, China, most of Europe, and the United States.