Kropf Industrial Delivers 100-Ton Capacity Yard Trailer to Nova Scotia Boat Builder

Kropf Industrial, a manufacturer of marina and boatyard infrastructure based in Seguin, Ontario, has delivered a Y-100 hydraulic trailer to Dixon's Marine Group in Lower Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia.

With the trailer, Dixon's will have the capacity to launch and retrieve a wide range of vessels. The trailer's flexible design allows it to be adjusted to various vessel types and sizes, and the frame lift provides for comprehensive lift and set operations.  

The Y-100 hydraulic trailer will be used to launch and retrieve vessels weighing up to 100 tons on a slipway. The trailer features frame that expands hydraulically in width, frame lift, hydraulic arms, and hydraulically raised and lowered front dolly wheels. The fully-galvanized trailer includes a radio remote control for all trailer functions and has stainless steel components.

Dixon's Marine Group 2000 Inc is a builder of commercial and pleasure vessels and provides service and storage to support the fishing industry in Nova Scotia and other nearby areas.  

Kropf Industrial Inc. manufacturers equipment including hydraulic trailers, mobile marine lifts, floating dock systems, floating breakwaters and boat storage stands.