KVH Industries Opens New Testing Facility

KVH Industries recently opened a new testing facility that allows advanced motion testing of its satellite communications products.

Construction on the facility, adjacent to the company's world headquarters in Middletown, RI, began in 2010. The design and location of the new testing facility allows KVH engineers to easily perform regular, rigorous testing of the company's satellite TV and communications products.

"The design and location of the building allow KVH engineers to test products more efficiently and thoroughly in a controlled environment,' says Jeffrey Greer, Vice President of Operations at KVH. "The rectangular shape of the building, with its arced radius of windows, provides a full, clear view of the Clarke Belt,' he explains. Satellites in the Clarke Belt orbit the Earth about 22,500 miles above the equator, broadcasting TV and communications signals.

The new facility is equipped with a hexapod, or Stewart Platform, which will allow greater flexibility to testing operations, including subjecting products to intense vibration, humidity, and motion simulation. The building itself features a custom-designed, curved wall of windows with a perfect view of the satellites that provide TV and communications signals to KVH antennas.