Larson Announces Three New Cruisers

Larson Boats LLC has announced three new mid-sized cruisers for the 2011 model year.

The all-new Cabrio 777, expected to begin production in February, boasts a 25-foot, six-inch length overall and an eight-foot, six-inch beam. The Cabrio 857, in production now, offers an LOA of 28 feet, one inch on an eight foot, 10-inch beam while the Cabrio 927, in production April 1, boasts a 30-foot, five-inch LOA on a 10-foot, six-inch beam. A fibreglass radar arch is standard on the 30-foot Cabrio 927, and optional on the 25-foot and 28-foot models.

“Our new line-up of Larson Cabrio Cruisers is the most aggressive introduction of three completely new cruisers in a single model year throughout Larson's 98-year history,” said Larson Owner, Irwin Jacobs, in a December 20 letter to Larson dealers. Anticipating strong demand for the new models, Jacobs notes that delivery priority will be allocated to dealers with orders needed for boat shows, open houses, and retail-sold customer orders.

“The one thing I'm sure of for 2011 is that the retail boat buying consumer is going to be looking for the newest and most innovative boats, and I'm sure that when the boat buying consumers around the world see our new Larson Cabrio Cruisers, there will be no doubt in their minds that Larson is offering the newest and most innovative cruisers the boating industry has ever seen,” notes Jacobs.

The new cruisers are among 10 new models that the Little Falls, MN-based company announced earlier in December. “I've been associated with the Larson Boat Company for over 35 years, and at no time throughout those 35 years have we ever launched or even attempted to launch a new lineup of 10 completely new models of Larson Boats in less than a year's time,” says Jacobs. “It's been less than nine months since we've restructured Larson and I've never been more proud and pleased to announce that we're unveiling 10 completely new boat models for 2011.

Aaron Fell and Fred Moore, owners of Breakwater Marine with dealerships in Surrey, Vancouver, BC, and Ferndale, Washington, stated, “Through the success of our Larson dealership becoming Larson's number one dealer in the world, we've proven that our decision to become a Larson dealer was the best business decision we've ever made. Now with Larson's historical new product introduction of 10 completely new cruisers and runabouts for 2011 along with the other many successful models in Larson's product line-up, we're planning on 2011 being our biggest and most profitable boat sales year ever.”

In less than one year Larson has signed 97 new dealers worldwide, bringing the total global dealer base to more than 300.