Manitoba Marine and Powersports Industries Amalgamate

The Mid-Canada Marine Dealers Association, representing dealers, manufacturers and related businesses in the recreational boating industry, has joined forces with the powersports industry to create the Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association (MMPDA).

“There is a considerable level of overlap between the interests of the boating industry and the interests of the powersports industry,” says Executive Director Kim Wozniak. “Many of the dealers sell both marine and powersports products, and a number of key manufacturers also serve both markets, so it just makes sense to align.”

The new association includes all members of the Mid-Canada Marine Dealers Association, and is actively recruiting new individual members. “We have a membership drive underway to bring in ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle dealers,” says Wozniak. “This will be an ongoing process over the next year.”

Wozniak notes MMPDA's primary mission is to promote the marine and power sport industry for the benefit of all members and to facilitate safety, education and leadership to enable the industry to maximize its potential in our region. “By amalgamating these dealers, we have created one approachable entity that will be able to address industry issues with a unified voice.” The MMPDA supports user organizations in Manitoba, such as Snoman and All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba.

The new organization has hit the ground running, and has achieved having the Marine and Powersports Technician designated as an official trade in the province of Manitoba. “The apprenticeship program is up and running, and the education process is well underway,” notes Wozniak. MMPDA will host an outreach program at the Mid-Canada Boat Show in Winnipeg next month, aimed at promoting career opportunities in the recreational boating and powersports industries.