Manitou Receives Expanded US Patent for its Pontoon Hull

Triton Industries, Lansing, MI, has been issued a United States patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,186,291) providing the company additional protection for its Manitou V-toon style pontoon boat.

This expanded patent protection comes nearly a year after another patent obtained by Triton Industries, which covered pontoon hulls having a center tube that was lower than two inches compared to the outside tubes. The new patent covers pontoon hulls with any difference in depth between the center tube and the outside tubes.

According to the company, the significance of differential depth between the inner and outer pontoon tubes is that it creates a sufficient amount of deadrise to allow for traditional V-hull handling. It's also said to enhance the planing, performance and efficiency of the craft.

Within the Manitou lineup, all SHP models and all VP models are covered under this patent. The SHP models are said to achieve speeds over 50 mph, while VP models are limited to 150 hp and can achieve speeds over 40 mph.