Manitou Receives Patent for V-Toon Hull

Triton Industries in Lansing MI, maker of Manitou boats, has been issued a US patent (no: US 7,950,340) for its V-toon style pontoon boat. The company says it has been working to secure a broad patent since the hull’s debut in 2005. Manitou uses the V-Toon hull on its triple-pontoon models.

“We’re extremely thrilled to finally have received this patent,” says Greg VanWagenen, Manitou’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “The V-toon hull has been very important to our company as far as putting our name on the map and helping us attract a loyal customer base. With the patent, we expect that to grow further.”

VanWagenen says this may have implications for other pontoon manufacturers. “There are some other builders that have done similar hulls and we’re still exploring what avenues we’re going to take regarding them,” adds VanWagenen. “But there are definitely some people that would be infringing on the patent.”

According to Triton Industries, one of the features included in the patent is the differential depth between the inner and outer pontoon tubes, which is said to create sufficient deadrise to provide handling like that of a V-hull. The patent is also said to cover other hull features designed to enhance the planning, performance and efficiency of the boat.

All of Manitou’s SHP and VP models are covered under the patent. SHP models can achieve speeds of more than 50 mph while VP models have a 150hp limit and can achieve speeds just over 40 mph.