Marine Mechanical Technician Certification Offered in BC

The BC Industry Training Authority (ITA), in cooperation with industry associations, has developed a new Marine Mechanical Technician (MMT) apprenticeship that will provide a common certification with endorsements in diesel and gas engines, outboard motors, inboard drive systems and stern-drive systems.

Designed to replace the Marine Engine Mechanic and I/O Mechanic certifications, the new pilot program to introduce the new system of competency assessment will be trialed this spring. Technicians without certification, and those with other trade certificates, are encouraged to challenge the MMT certification. Applicants are to provide verified history of at least 9,000 hours of work in the industry and records (called a 'portfolio of evidence') including employment history, a review of work done, any formal or informal training received and anything that is credible evidence of ability. Applicants will not write a formal exam although some testing will be used to identify areas requiring more review.

The cost to participate in this pilot project will be limited to the $120 for the ITA application. The assessment process costs will be covered as part of the pilot funding. In the future, challengers will pay a fee for assessment. A day, or part of a day, will be required for the practical demonstration.

Full details are still being finalized, so interested applicants should contact Greg Shorland at the Transportation Career Development Association by email, at