Mercedes-Benz 'Style' Division To Design Yachts and More

Mercedes-Benz is moving beyond luxury automobiles with the announcement that the company has formed a new 'Mercedes-Benz Style' division that will design a range of consumer products from office furniture to luxury yachts.

“Our unique design expertise is appreciated throughout the world. We have therefore decided to establish the Mercedes-Benz specific styling outside the automotive field too – and so far we have met with a very positive response from a great number of manufacturers in a variety of sectors,” said Professor h.c. Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz.

Headquartered in Sindelfingen, Germany with a staff of nearly 400, the company's new design arm introduced its first project on May 4 when it unveiled a helicopter featuring a Mercedes-Benz-designed interior at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. “Mercedes-Benz Style undertakes both commissioned work, for which the rights to the styling service are sold to the product manufacturer, and also the allocation of design licenses – in which case a product manufacturer will be granted the right to use the styling, but all rights to the styling remain with Mercedes-Benz,” said Wagener. In either case “the product and the manufacturer must both match our premium standards and represent innovation, as well as trend-setting, enduring style.”

In introducing the new Mercedes-Benz Style division, the company provided preliminary sketches of different concept yacht designs, but would not confirm if it was working with any boatbuilders at this time.