Mercury Introduces New Bravo Three Props

Mercury Marine has introduced new versions of the 20-, 21- and 22.5-inch pitch front propellers in Mercury's Bravo Three propeller lineup. The three new propellers provide improved performance, including a significant reduction in time to plane. The three-blade rear propeller continues in production unchanged.

“The lower-pitch front propellers in the Bravo Three lineup have been redesigned from top to bottom,” says Mercury Product Manager, Dirk Bjornstad. “These changes result in better acceleration across the board with light and heavy loads.
The differences are most pronounced on boats with slower acceleration times. We've seen up to eight percent faster acceleration with the new four-blade front propeller in heavier applications.”

A Bravo Three propeller set consists of two counter-rotating propellers mounted in tandem on the same drive. The Generation II Bravo Three propellers feature a four-blade front and a three-blade rear while the Generation I Bravo Three propellers used a three-blade front and rear.  

“Our engineers have made refinements to the rake profile to provide the kind of holding customers expect with a four-blade front propeller,” said Bjornstad. “The new low pitch propellers ensure the complete line of Generation II models will accelerate and hold better than their predecessors.”

Production of the latest revision of the 20, 21 and 22.5 Brave Three series began on January 22.