Mercury Marine Unveils Quicksilver Propeller Selector

Mercury Marine recently launched a new prop selector for Quicksilver branded propellers, at

The new prop selector allows boaters to select the correct propeller for their boats in five convenient steps. “Mercury Marine is dedicated to continually improving our online tools for ease of use,” said Ben Duke, director Mercury Propellers. “The Quicksilver prop selector makes fitting your boat with the correct propeller easy and accurate.”

Using a simple question-and-answer format, the Quicksilver prop selector guides users to the propeller that is right for them, no matter what brand of outboard or sterndrive.

Boaters can use the selector to find the best propeller for acceleration, handling, fuel economy, overall performance and top speed. With the introduction of this new selector, it is now even easier for boaters of all brands to experience the improved performance of Quicksilver propellers.

After completing the five steps, users will know which propellers best match their boat/engine package and performance goals. The propellers’ features and part numbers are also provided.