METS Invites Marine Charities to Apply for DAME 2015 Funding

Organizer of the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), held at the Amsterdam RAI annually, is inviting certified marine-related public charities to apply for the registration proceeds from the Design Award METS (DAME) competition.

The METS Exhibition Committee will select a charity from among the entries for this 25th anniversary edition of the DAME. The donation will be announced and presented during the Breakfast Briefing on November 17, the official opening day of METS 2015.
The DAME Award is the one of the industry's highest awards for innovative leisure marine product design. To date, METS organizers say it has raised approximately €18,000 a year for worthy causes, with the actual amount of the donation depending on the number of entries registered.
"There is no better platform to launch a new product and bring it to the attention of the entire marine industry and media than the DAME Award,' says Irene Dros, Maritime Domain Manager at Amsterdam RAI. "The winners and the nominees gain priceless publicity and, by supporting a charity with the registration proceeds, Amsterdam RAI ensures that the wider society benefits too. In addition to the funds raised, we see that the chosen charity enjoys greater international recognition thanks to its association with the DAME. This is a win-win situation for all concerned.'
Charities interested in applying can find the terms and an application form at All applications must be received by April 29 and will be assessed by the METS Exhibition Committee in May.