Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association Holds Fourth Annual Career Presentation

Over the past four years the Mid-Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association (MMPDA) has been actively promoting industry career opportunities at a number of different events such as educator conferences, career symposiums and career presentations specifically designed for our industry.

The 4th annual MMPDA industry career presentation took place during the Mid-Canada Boat Show.  There were a total of 90 students and educators from schools in and around Winnipeg in attendance.  The event began with opening remarks from Ian Cummer, MMPDA President, followed by Neil Armstrong, Apprenticeship Coordinator, Apprenticeship Manitoba; Rob Cormack, Senior Years Apprenticeship Training Coordinator, Apprenticeship Manitoba; Dustin Blackwell, Instructor, Red River College; Geoff Ives, Instructor, Winnipeg Technical College and Dustin Enns, Service Writer, Headingley Sport Shop.

The students showed keen interest in the career opportunities that the industry has to offer and enjoyed their free tour of the boat show. By allowing the students to get into the show, they have the opportunity to see the products that they would work on if they chose a career in the industry. Students and teachers attend the presentation and then have access to the entire show.”

After over four years of industry career promotion, educators are now aware of what our industry has to offer their students and look forward to attending the MMPDA career presentation on an annual basis.