MirroCraft Boats Purchased

MirroCraft Boats, a privately owned fishing boat builder located in Gillett, WI, announced that four members of its existing management team bought the company from Northport Corp of St. Cloud. The new ownership group purchased the brand through a newly created company called Northport Marine LLC. The terms of the sale were not released.
According to Tim Allen, VP Sales and Marketing and one of the company's new co-owners, the buyout will allow MirroCraft to continue building aluminum boats at its current location without any disruption.

"We should pretty much slide through without any interruptions other than to do vendor paperwork,' explains Allen. "We still have everybody out in the factory building boats and shipping loads this week. As of Friday afternoon, we notified all of our dealers, vendors and reps so they're all on the same page. It's business as usual and the future is bright. We'll have some exciting news at our next dealer meeting.'

MirroCraft Boats will hold its dealer meeting in September, where it plans to introduce new models.

MirroCraft has built aluminum fishing boats since 1956. It has more than 50 dealers in Canada and builds fishing, utility and fish and ski vessels from 12 to 19 feet in length.