MIWDC Launches Toolkit to Strengthen Marine Businesses

The BC Marine Industry Workforce Development Committee (MIWDC) has launched its new Human Resources Toolkit that is targeted for small- to medium-sized businesses in the recreational marine industry.

Devised to address daily procedures and situations that arise in the work environment, the 155-page document contains many topics including hiring procedures, staff evaluation, training, safety in the work environment, as well as wages and benefits. The Human Resources Toolkit also lends insight into many common issues that take place in the daily operations of a business.

“We find that the Human Resources Toolkit creates a platform on which businesses can grow. It won't answer all of the questions, but deals with many operational issues that frustrate managers”, said Campbell Black, MIWDC board member. The toolkit offers flexibility by presenting a number of options in dealing with situations.”

Additionally, the toolkit provides samples and templates as a guide for businesses to initiate their own company approach to human resource management.

“When both employees and management recognize operating rules, problems are less likely to arise and when they do, they are more easily resolved. Additionally, by establishing a thoughtful approach to human resource management, quality employees are also attracted to individual businesses and to the industry.  In order that people feel there is room to grow within the industry, a company needs to demonstrate that there is a career path for employees, a training process supported by management and a mature approach to business operations.”  

For more information and to download the Human Resources Toolkit visit www.bcmarineservice.com/resources.