Moncton Boat Show Attendance Up Five Percent

Traffic was up at this year's Moncton Boat Show, held March 26 to 28 at the Moncton Coliseum Complex in New Brunswick.

Master Promotions, St. John, NB, which organizes the show, reported 65 exhibitors and an overall attendance of approximately 7,500, up five percent from last year.

“People seemed to be in more of a buying mood this year,” describes Denise Miller, Publicist for Master Promotions. “Consumer confidence is on the mend. A lot of families showed up, which is really nice to see because boating is a family activity. I think our weather this year helped because it was really warm outside, and people were itching to get their boats out and to start boating.”

According to Miller, there seemed to be an increased interest in pontoon boats at this year's show. “I noticed a lot of the families gravitating to the pontoons,” she observes. “A lot of the bigger boats seemed to draw a lot of attention as well.”

QuarterMaster Marine, Charlottetown, PE was one exhibitor at the show that noticed this trend. “Sales were good,” said Jason Craig, Sales Manager. “Mostly larger bowriders and cruisers were selling. Not much in the smaller bowriders. Relatively, we're pleased with the show. There didn't seem to be as many of the first-time buyers for us. It seemed most of our clientele were people who are already boaters.”

Phil's Auto & Recreation, a Lincholn, NB dealer that carries Bayliner, Stratos and Lowe, was one exhibitor that felt the show's outcome was a good sign of what's to come. “This summer looks like it's going to be much better than last summer,” says Jennifer Connors, General Manager. “We saw an increase in our early year sales and we also saw an increase in our sales at the show. I think people are ready to start spending their money and having fun again.”

The 2011 Moncton Boat Show is scheduled to run March 25 to 27 inclusive.