Monterey Boats Announces Updated Build-A-Boat Feature

Monterey Boats has re-designed the build-a-boat feature on its website. The new tool includes updated imagery, enhanced hull colour/graphic configuration, and an easier to use format.

"This new program features a user-friendly design, and a vast array of options,” said Kim Loenichen, Director of Sales at Monterey Boats. “It is our hope this new tool will provide a way for our customers to experience Monterey at an entirely new level,'

The new boat-building tool can be found at:

Monterey Boats currently builds 26 models ranging from 18 to 41 feet in length. The company has a staff of more than 500 boat builders and says that it has produced over 35,000 boats In the past 30 years, generating over one billion dollars (US) in sales.