Mosquito Creek Boat Show Reports Doubled Attendance & Good Sales

Higher attendance, solid sales and good weather were reported at Mosquito Creek Marina's 3rd Annual Boat Show held at the North Vancouver, BC-based marina September 10 to 13.

According to Donny Mekilok, general manager of Squamish Nation Marine Group, the show's overall attendance of approximately 2,100 was double what it was last year. There were 32 land- and 18 water-based exhibitors with 81 boats on display in the water.

Several exhibitors reported making boat sales throughout the duration of the show.

Freedom Marine, based in Vancouver, BC, brought three boats to the show including a Hanse 470e sailboat, a Mainship trawler and a 52-foot Pilothouse.

“The weather was phenomenal and the show grew in size,” said Don Young, owner of Freedom Marine. “Those who attended were avid boaters. From a yacht sales point of view, I think it was a success. We got an offer on a used 52-foot boat from someone we had never met before.”

Blackfish Marine, based in Vancouver, BC, had 14 vessels on display at the show, including two cruisers over 70 feet in length.

“We did more than just get leads at the show, so I was very pleased,” said Greg Hughes, owner of Blackfish Marine, Vancouver, BC. “We had in excess of US $10 million in product on display. We brought a 72 Vitech and a 65 Marquis. I believe the level of reward we received from the show was a result of the extent of our commitment to it. We put three units under contract. If we get the same weather next year, I can only see the show being a fabulous success. We will be back.”

To help increase traffic at the show, organizers sent courtesy tickets to local yacht clubs in the area.

“We sent offers for VIP tickets to the Canadian Power and Sail Squardons (CPS) and the Council of BC Yacht Club members. We also sent bulk tickets to a few of the local yacht clubs,” said Jane McIvor, executive director for the BC Marine Trades Association (BCMTA). “We had really good results. About 300 were returned of the nearly 1,000 we sent out.”

Marketing efforts to boost awareness of the show included advertising in local magazines and newspapers as well as 52 announcements on the radio during the two weeks leading up to the show.

“Next year we're going to try to expand to some other boating publications,” said Mekilok. “We're also going to try out other newspapers in other parts of the province.”

Mekilok hopes to increase the size of the show for 2010.

“We have some plans hinging on a couple offers we have on a new breakwall,” said Mekilok. “If that goes through, then we're probably going to be able to double the size of the show.”   

Mosquito Creek Marina has been owned and operated by the Squamish Nation since 1963.