Mustang Offers Consumer Rebate

Mustang Survival is excited to announce that it will be offering a $30 consumer mail-in rebate on all purchases of its M.I.T. 35 inflatable personal flotation devices (PFDs) purchased in Canada starting May 11, 2012. This special mail-in rebate program will be available all through the peak summer months and will end on August 31, 2012.
M.I.T. stands for Membrane Inflatable Technology, an exclusive next-generation inflatable PFD design by Mustang Survival. The main benefit of the M.I.T. inflatable PFD is that it is designed with a special lightweight stretch fabric which provides more flexibility, making it approximately 20% lighter than any comparable inflatables on the market. Although it is lightweight and one of the most comfortable inflatable PFDs on the market, it still provides 35 lbs of buoyancy, which is more than twice the buoyancy offered by traditional foam PFDs.
"Consumer response to our new M.I.T. inflatables has been phenomenal,' comments Glen MacPherson, Vice President of Sales, with Mustang Survival. "This limited time offer will encourage more people to try our latest PFD design and experience just how comfortable and affordable it can be to have fun while staying safe on the water.'
The Canadian model numbers MD2051, MD2051 CM and MD2053 are eligible for this limited time consumer rebate offer.
Complete details are found on the company's website