Mustang Survival Voluntarily Issues Recall for PFD Model

The Safariland Group, makers of Mustang Survival safety gear, has issued a recall for certain MD315X Inflatable PFDs manufactured in Canada between September 2014 and September 2015.

According to the company, the model in question may be missing reinforcement fabric on its bladder, which may cause it to tear when flexing its lobes apart when fully inflated.

Mustang Survival, based in Burnaby, BC, reports that a solution has been developed that corrects any affected products and prevents occurrence of the issue. The repair can only be performed at the company's factory, so it's asking consumers, dealers and distributors to return the affected PFDs to Mustang Survival directly for inspection and repair.

"We have a detailed plan already in action to inform dealers and consumers of this recall and to collect, inspect and repair the affected model,' said Jason Leggatt, VP of Commercial Products at Mustang Survival in a letter to the company's customers. "We place equal focus on the superior performance of our products and our commitment to our end users and their safe experience on the water. This voluntary recall will allow us to further ensure we're delivering on both fronts.'
Those with an affected model can also contact the company's customer service department at 1 (800) 526-0532, and they'll be provided shipping instructions to arrange inspection and (if needed) repair.

Consumers should not return product to their dealers as all product inspections and repairs are being handled directly by Mustang Survival.

A full list of the company's notifications and advisories can be found here.