National Marine Propeller Association Launches New Website

National Marine Propeller Association (NMPA), a trade group representing propeller repair companies and propeller related product and service providers throughout North America, recently launched a new website,

The site will serve as a tool for members of the association and a resource for boaters looking for professional repair shops and other propeller related information. The new website bears a refreshed NMPA logo, incorporating what the company calls ‘new modern characteristics' while retaining its traditional propeller in the design.

The updated design is part of the NMPA's effort to re-brand and reinvigorate the twenty-three-year-old trade group to better serve its members.

"We embarked on several important initiatives in early 2015 the first being to appoint a new Managing Director for NMPA and the second to rebrand the association as part of a larger effort to update and enhance the NMPA member programs and benefits,' says Dave DeWitt, President of NMPA and Product/Program Manager for Mercury Propellers. "In April we announced the appointment of Gordon Connell and Connell Communications as the Managing Director and Association Management Company for NMPA and today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.'

The clean, easy to navigate design allows visitors to search for professional repair shops using the Member Directory or Interactive Map. Additionally, it offers a moderated public forum for boaters to interact and pose questions about propeller repair. For members, it provides secure access to their profile, a resource library, a member-only discussion forum and single source of compiled industry news feeds.

"I'm excited and looking forward to working to grow NMPA to its full potential,' says Gordon Connell, Managing Director of NMPA. "The new logo and website are just the start of several plans for the association. Next we are focusing on the Annual Convention scheduled for October 22 to 24 to build on what has historically been a valuable opportunity for propeller repair businesses to gather for informative sessions, networking and business-to-business development.