Nautique, LTS Marine To Unveil Electric Ski Boat at Montreal Show

Montreal-area technology firm LTS Marine has partnered with Orlando, FL-based Nautique Boats to produce the industry's first high performance, 100 percent electric ski boat.

Dubbed the Ski Nautique E, the innovative boat contains two automotive electric motors that connect through a transfer case to the propeller shaft, producing “tournament worthy” performance. LTS Marine will unveil the new boat for the first time in the world at the LTS Marine booth at the Montreal Boat Show on Thursday January 27 at 11:15 am sharp.

Founded in spring 2009, LTS Marine aims to bring green energy to the water sports industry and become “the premier supplier of boating manufacturers by offering fully integrated electric drive trains adapted to their needs.” The electric motors installed as part of LTS's propulsion system are manufactured by TM4, a Boucherville, Québec company serving the automotive industry. The motors are aid to offer “remarkable technical characteristics and one of the highest efficiency rates” while exceeding industry safety standards.

The Ski Nautique E is equipped with state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries that are located to maintain the center of gravity according to the boat's performance. When fully charged, the electric power system can achieve speeds of nearly 40 mph.

“I am incredibly proud of our team and our partners, LTS, for making this boat a reality” said Nautique President and CEO, Bill Yeargin. “The best part is that this is just a start, we look forward to working further with this boat and making more exciting announcements related to it in the near future.”

Click here to watch a video of the Ski Nautique E in action.