New Canadian In-Water Boat Show Coming in September

As featured in the July/August print edition of Boating Business, a brand new in-water boat show will be coming to Canada in September. WET 2012, a consumer and trade boat show, will take place at the Halifax waterfront in Nova Scotia from September 14 to 16.

The event, presented by Waterfront Development – a provincial crown corporation that manages the waterfront in Halifax, is owned and managed by Denex Group Inc. of Halifax, NS. The new show is also being supported by several local marine associations including the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association, Nova Scotia Yachting Association and the Atlantic Marine Trades Association.

"This will be year one of a multi-year show,' says Jon Denman, Denex Group's President. "If we achieve 70 to 80 exhibitors, that would be a very good first year for us. This is a consumer and trade show. The majority of our exhibitors do work in both sectors. The challenge is pulling off that mixed audience, so we're going to great lengths to bring in the commercial guests from the fishing and the oil rig industries. Nova Scotia is supposed to be Canada's ocean playground. We've got a cruising pleasure boat industry here and commercial fisheries. There are 60,000 commercial fishermen in Atlantic Canada.”

To help ensure the new show is successful, Denman is planning an aggressive marketing campaign and has incorporated several special features into the event to help attract commercial and recreational boat exhibitors as well as consumers.

For in-depth details on Denman's plans for the show, see the new July/August issue of Boating Business, which is being delivered now.