New Marine Transmission Coupling Makes Canadian / US Debut

Sydney, BC-based Thermoboat has introduced a new line of Powertrain couplings to the Canadian and US markets. Manufactured by Powertrain Europe AS of Norway, the all new Powertrain coupling is used to connect marine transmissions to propeller shafts and can correct shaft-to-transmission misalignment by as much as eight degrees without mounting a new bulkhead. Conventional rubber couplings, by comparison, only allow for .05 degrees of deflection.

The Powertrain Coupling is available in three sizes, capable of handling loads of up to 700 horsepower. Powertrain's unique design, utilizing CV technology found in the automotive industry, can save thousands of dollars over similar products that require a load-bearing bulkhead for installation.

“With this coupling and Poly Flex engine mounts, boat builders and owners will see a spectacular difference in the performance of their boats, especially in the reduction of noise and vibration” says Hugh Carroll, Thermoboat President. “The Powertrain coupling costs less than competitive products and solves the problem of shaft alignment using proven engineering and the highest quality marine materials.”

Installation of the coupling can be completed in a little as 15 minutes, and is virtually maintenance-free once installed. The advanced design and ease of installation makes it ideal for use in re-powering engines, especially in sailboat applications where shaft alignments are most problematic.

The Powertrain Coupling will debut at the upcoming Toronto International Boat Show, held at the Direct Energy Centre from January 9 to 17.

Thermoboat will handle all aspects of North American sales and service of this product including distribution. Boat builders and yacht repair facilities can contact Thermoboat directly for pricing and specific applications. For more information and data sheets contact Thermoboat at, by phone at 1-888-769-8495 or on the web at