NMEA Courses Offered in Toronto

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has announced it will offer  courses on the installation and servicing of advanced marine electronics systems in Toronto.

Held at the Crown Plaza Hotel near the Toronto Airport, the program includes three separate full-day courses held on consecutive days from March 29 to 31 inclusive. The program includes:

Basic Marine Electronics Installer Course

Tuesday March 29

8 am to 5 pm

This is an introductory course in marine electronics installation that clarifies and defines competent installation practices. Topics include ground systems, electrical systems, equipment installation and data communications. Successful completion earns an MEI certificate. Course Materials Include NMEA 0400 Installation Standards Version 3.0 and supplemental workbook.

Pre-requisite: A minimum of one years' experience installing marine electronics systems.

Passing Score: 70 percent

Cost: $395 Member, $595 Non-member


NMEA 2000 Network – The Future of Marine Electronics 

Wednesday March 30

8 am to 5 pm 

The NMEA 2000 Network provides in-depth knowledge of NMEA 2000 beyond the information presented in either the Installation Standard or the MEI and Advanced MEI Training. Topics include: Essential elements of NMEA 2000, network planning, installation practices and implementation, and troubleshooting techniques. Participants will take from this class the near-term and long-term benefits of NMEA 2000 certified equipment, accepted installation practices for NMEA 2000 backbone cable and products, and sufficient working knowledge of NMEA 2000 to successfully troubleshoot problems when they arise and correctly identify/repair/replace the faulty device(s) or network cabling problems. This is not intended to teach programming nor to be training for manufacturing developers. Course Materials Include the NMEA 2000 Dealer Education Primer and supplemental workbook.

Pre-requisite: A minimum of three years' experience in the marine electronics field.

Cost: $395 Member, $595 Non-member.


Advanced Marine Electronics Installer

Thursday March 31

8 am to 5 pm

An advanced course is designed for the Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) who wishes to achieve competency in advanced topic areas and concepts. An Advanced MEI certificate is an indication that a mid-level technician has a working knowledge regarding commissioning of a boat and troubleshooting marine electronic devices under supervision of a Certified Marine Electronics Technician (CMET). Topics include: Computers and Networking, NMEA 2000 Installation and Troubleshooting, SSB Installation, Electromagnetic Interference, Testing and Commissioning, Antenna Arrangement and Installation, Transducer and Radar Installation. Course Materials Include NMEA 0400 Installation Standards version 3.0 and a supplemental workbook.

Pre-requisite: Must have held Marine Electronics Installer (MEI) Certificate for a minimum of one year and a minimum of three years' experience installing marine electronics systems.

Passing Score: 75 percent

Cost: $395 Member, $595 Non-member.

Click here to go directly to the program registration page. For further information on these programs, please email Cindy Love clove@nmea.org, or Ken Harrison at summerhillca@rogers.com, or call (800) 808-6632.