NMEA Forms New International Marine Electronics Alliance

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) is pleased to introduce a new affiliated non-profit corporation-the International Marine Electronics Alliance, Inc. (IMEA).

IMEA's mission will be to promote safe and reliable passage for all vessels in the maritime industry worldwide through a program of education, scientific research and testing. IMEA will collaborate with other nonprofit associations and government agencies to advance relevant education, scientific knowledge and testing.

"I am honoured to be working with the extremely technical IMEA board,' says Mark Reedenauer, IMEA President and Executive Director. "I want to thank Jules Rutstein and Johnny Lindstrom from the NMEA Board of Directors for having the vision and confidence in the NMEA staff to get this project off the ground.'

IMEA is a supporting organization of NMEA.  As a charitable organization, IMEA is eligible to receive tax-deductible grants, gifts, and donations from public and private organizations. The new association is dedicated to maintaining and improving safety in maritime operations and pleasure boating through the use of electronics. The IMEA supports global efforts to establish, install, operate, and maintain safe and reliable electronics aboard all vessels. The organization also plans to provide educational programs that will enable US military service veterans to transition into the marine electronics workforce. This could involve establishment of an apprenticeship program through collaboration with stakeholders in the industry as well as cooperation with vocational institutions and advanced training programs for current employees.

"IMEA will be a great partner for the international marine electronics industry,' says IMEA Chairperson Judy Johnson, Co-owner of Shine Micro, Inc. "Exciting proposals and programs for education and service are already developing to promote standards for excellence worldwide.'

The current IMEA Board of Directors includes, Chairperson Judy Johnson, Vice Chairperson Steve Burdett, Secretary Brian Tetreault and Directors David Pietraszewski and Nils Nelson.

For more information contact the IMEA National Office in Severna Park, Maryland at 410-975-9425 or info@nmea.org.