NMEA Releases Latest Version of Installation Standard

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has just published Edition 2014, Version 4.00 of the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard, which contains information on new technologies, updated sections and additional appendices. NMEA 0400 is a tool and reference guide for installing marine electronics equipment.
Edition 2014, Version 4.00 includes two new sections – Black Box as well as Cameras and Security Installation. Every section (below) was reviewed and updated by industry experts consisting of NMEA member manufacturers and NMEA accredited installers. Three new appendices were also added: NMEA 0183 Sentence Information, NMEA 2000 PGN Descriptions, and VHF/DSC Wiring Information.
"What makes the 0400 unique is the fact that all sections are non-manufacturer specific, so these best installation practices, which were agreed upon by industry experts, can complement any manufacturer's installation manual,' said NMEA Managing Director, Mark Reedenauer. "The Installation Standard serves as yet another level of technical information for the manufacturer, installer, boat builder and retailer.'
NMEA 0400 will now have a presence in the international marine electronics community, due to the addition of many international references, such as IEC, IMO, ISO, and ITU. New language that defers to local regulations for AC and DC wiring, along with measurements and wire sizing listed in metric units, facilitates international use of the standard.
NMEA says it has reduced the pricing of Version 4.00 in order to get more copies of the standard in the field. The association believes this will result in higher-quality installations and help create a better experience on the water for boaters.
NMEA 0400 Version 4.00 includes these sections:
• AC and DC Wiring Installation
• Grounding, Bonding and Lightning Protection
• Battery Installation
• Power Inverter Installation
• Coaxial Cable Installation
• Data Interfacing–NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and Ethernet
• Antenna Installation
• Display Installation
• Black Box Installation
• Transducer Installation
• Compass Installation
• Radar Installation
• Autopilot Installation
• Electromagnetic Interference
• VHF and SSB Radio Installation
• Computer System Installation
• Automatic Identification System (AIS) Installation
• Satellite TV and Communications System Installation
• Security, Tracking and Video/Camera Installation
• Test Criteria

Founded in 1957, the NMEA establishes technical standards for data exchange in marine electronics, with the widely accepted NMEA 0183 data protocol, NMEA 2000 and certification standards for marine electronics technicians.