NMMA Hosts Follow-up to Recreational Boating Growth Summit

Last week the National Marine Manufacturer's Association (NMMA) hosted a follow up to the Recreational Boating Growth Summit held in December, in an effort to address next steps and further the action of all industry segments to work together to grow boating participation.

Approximately 40 industry leaders from a cross section of industry sectors gathered in Chicago on Tuesday, April 3 to further discuss ways the industry can approach key focus areas identified and agreed upon by Summit participants in December. Focus areas include marketing and communications, diversity, affordability, advocacy and government relations, youth and education. The follow up gathering of the Recreational Boating Growth Summit was again facilitated by the Consensus Center from the Florida State University.

The group agreed to create a Recreational Boating Leadership Council by memorandum of understanding among all interested marine trade associations and marine industry associations. The Council will work to foster greater collaboration and improve communication as we work collectively on a joint action agenda to grow boating participation. The details of the work plan will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead and shared with all participants and across all industry sectors.

Since the December Summit, the industry is already seeing positive movement toward greater cooperation and communication across all industry sectors to grow the industry.