NMMA Releases Canadian and US Outboard Engine Shipments Report for September

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), wholesale shipments of outboard engines in Canada for its control group of manufacturers rebounded in September.

The association reports that shipments were up by 5.4 percent year-over-year (YOY), slowing the rate of rolling twelve-month (R12M) decline to -14.5 percent YOY.  

The monthly increase primarily reflected gains in higher-powered engines, which NMMA says accounts for more than half of the market in terms of dollars.  

NMMA also reports that engines 200hp and higher have consistently outperformed other segments and through September, were up 19.9 percent (R12M YOY).  

Retail sales of outboard engines have been posting monthly YOY growth since June, offsetting declines during the first half of the year.  Through September YTD and on a R12M basis, warranty card registrations were relatively unchanged (-0.5 percent and -0.4 percent YOY respectively).

NMMA reports that outboard engine shipments south of the border have increased YOY for the past 17 consecutive months save for a retraction last June. The data collected by the NMMA is based on the association's control group of manufacturers.

Through September, shipments were up 7.8 percent (R12M YOY); corresponding dollars were up 13.4 percent.

Gains continued to be led by higher-powered engines, which accounted for half of all wholesale shipments and were up 14 percent (R12M YOY). Outboard engines less than 4 hp were down -5.4 percent (R12M YOY) and have been declining since 2011.

Total retail sales based on warranty card registrations fell in September, reducing the R12M growth rate to 7.3 percent (YOY). In 2012, NMMA says there was a similar drop and subsequent boost in warranty card registrations in the August/September period.