NMMA Transfers Boat Owner’s Manual Business to Ken Cook Co.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the Ken Cook Co. have announced the transfer of NMMA’s boat owner’s manual program for boat builders to Ken Cook Co.

NMMA’s boat owner’s manuals were created to help the recreational boater operate their craft with safety and pleasure in an easy to understand format. They contain details of the craft; typical equipment supplied or fitted to its systems; and, information on its operation and maintenance for four classes of boats: runabouts (propeller and jet drives); fishing and skiing; sportfish/cruiser/yachts; and pontoon/deck style.

There are no current plans to change the manuals in this transition and Ken Cook Co. will enhance the ordering process with an online bookstore.

“Owner manuals are important resources for recreational boaters and NMMA has provided them as a service to our members,” said Robert Newsome, Vice President of engineering standards for NMMA. “The transition to Ken Cook Co. will be seamless as they are the ideal partner for this program with their extensive marine industry experience, as well as programming, printing and fulfillment capabilities.”

Ken Cook Co. is known for its owner’s manuals and other customer support resources for boats and accessories, creating materials for more than 50 boat builders.

“We have an outstanding staff of content creators, illustrators, writers, publishers and application developers that routinely provide our customers with unique solutions,” said John Jost, Director of Marine Solutions for Ken Cook Co. “Given our active involvement with a number of marine associations including ABYC, NMMA and WSIA, we are committed to bringing value to our customers with the latest regulations and safety information.”

Recently, Ken Cook Co. won two IBEX Innovation Awards for software/app development for boats.