Nomination Call for MRAA Young Leaders Advisory Council

The Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) will be accepting nominations for its Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) until July 15.

Last year the MRAA created the council, which currently has 12 members, to represent the next generation of marine retailers. Carly Poole, Marketing Director for Buckeye Marine in Bobcaygeon, ON, was elected Chairperson and is presently the only Canadian serving on the council.

“We recognize that within all of our organizations there are young rising stars and we would like to have them as members of the MRAA Young Leaders Advisory Council,” says Poole. “There are so many people who fit that description here in Canada. Serving on the council is open to Canadians and many dealers are already members of the MRAA through the Marine Dealer Certification Program.”

According to Poole, the YLAC has already proved helpful to the MRAA since its inception, including aiding in the updating of its mission statement and helping it to better communicate the value it offers it members. YLAC is also looking at ways to strengthen the MRAA's ties with marine trade associations, including those in Canada.

YLAC is looking for nominees to meet twice a year and provide their ideas and insights as well as working jointly with council members on subcommittees pertaining to their expertise. The outcome and recommendations from these meetings are then presented to the MRAA Board.  

Eligible nominees can be up to 40 years of age, must hold a position of significance in a dealership and must have a minimum of five years of marine experience.  

Those wishing to make a nomination should contact Carly Poole at

An application can be obtained at