Northport Systems President Buys Company

Robin Martel, President of Toronto-based software manufacturer Northport Systems Inc., has acquired the company he joined as the Business Development Manager in 2002.

Martel succeeds Chairman Sam Rea as owner of the firm, known in 130 countries as the manufacturer of Fugawi desktop and mobile software and the online chart subscription service. “Purchasing Northport Systems is a thrill and the realization of a long-time goal,” said Martel. “I have a fresh vision with exciting new directions for the company that will elevates us from a software producer to a true solutions provider. I look forward to introducing our stakeholders, partners and customers to the new Northport Systems.”

For six years Martel has driven the evolution of the company's GPS-related land and marine navigation software brands and online services. “In his tenure as President, (Martel's) tireless work, commitment to innovation and knowledge of this industry has been instrumental to the company and its customers,” said Rea. “With his vision for the company, its products and solutions, I expect continued success and a new dawn for Northport Systems.”

Bringing more than 15 years of business, software and GPS-solution expertise to his new role, Martel has been involved in every aspect of operations at Northport Systems. He has led the software development; spearheaded business, sales and marketing initiatives; and directed customer support, service development and training. Prior to joining Northport Systems, Mr. Martel co-founded and led New Zealand-based GPS Control Ltd., working as its Managing Director and Technical Manager; held directorial positions with Pico Data Ltd. and Expressway Group Ltd.; and was the Marketing Manager, Sales Engineer and IT Manager for Geo-Systems Ltd. Martel is a graduate of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering.

Northport Systems began operations 15 years ago with Fugawi-brand mapping software for GPS receivers, which allowed customers to scan and calibrate their own map images for use with early GPS handheld devices. The company has since expanded both its customer and product base, and now offers a selection of GPS-related software products for land, marine, commercial and military applications.