Northport Systems To Distribute Bad Elf

Bad Elf, East Hartford, Connecticut, has appointed Toronto, Ontario-based Northport Systems, Inc. to distribute the Bad Elf product line in Canada. Bad Elf manufacturers accessories that enable the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad to receive real-time GPS data on board via satellite.

Northport Systems is a supplier of GPS-related products for marine navigation. The company also supplies desktop, mobile and web-based navigation software products under the Fugawi brand.

Bad Elf GPS does not rely on cell tower assistance to achieve a lock or to determine position. The Bad Elf units include a high performance satellite receiver and antenna that receive data directly from the GPS satellites. Locking on to up to 15 satellites, a Bad Elf unit is said to supply GPS data up to 10 times a second that can be accurate to within nine feet (2.5 meters). The company says this means users will improve their GPS lock on the water beyond cell phone coverage areas.