OMOA Spring Meetings Announced – HST to be Covered

The soon to be instituted Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be one of several topics covered at the Ontario Marine Operators Association's (OMOA) spring 2010 regional meetings. The OMOA announced nine meetings in different locations across the province open to its regional members and the public.

“The big issue this year is HST,” says Cyndi Hodgson, OMOA's Marketing Manager. “We're trying to get a better idea of what the impacts are going to be on the industry overall and have a very clear outline for our members. We're trying to simplify it and keep it as clear as possible.”

Hodgson hopes members will be able to take the information presented on HST and use it to their benefit.  But she says that's not all that will be on the table at the meetings.

“We're also going to discuss the status of mandatory apprenticeship, boat show updates, the Clean Marine program, revitalizing the Discover Boating brand with our members, water lot leases and insurance concerns,” says Hodgson. “We really encourage our members to be in attendance so they can express the issues they're facing and their challenges within the industry. This is one of the best ways that they can get involved with the association as well as get a better understanding of what we can do for them and are doing for them.”

The meetings are generally two to three hours in length. The OMOA holds two regional meetings a year for its membership, one in several locations across Ontario in spring and one at the organization's annual conference and trade show.

Download a copy of the dates and locations of the OMOA's regional meetings here.