Ontario Marine Business for Sale After Owners Decide to Retire

Owners of The Sail Loft Marine Store, located in Barrie, Ontario, have announced their intention to sell the business. The company specializes in sail repairs as well as making small sails.

"I'm turning 70 at the end of this summer, how is that for a reason?' laughs Diane Osborn, who owns the business with her husband John. "We're flying the kite, so to speak, putting up the whole thing up because it is a three-part business that works better together than any one single segment.'

There are three components of the business, including sail repairs, Topper sailboat distribution (nine-and-a-half feet to 16 feet in length) and a marine store. "We've sold a lot of the boats to clubs, camps and cottages,' says Diane. "Our main competition is Fogh Marine for our boat sales.'

The Sail Loft Marine Store is located in a 6,000 square-foot building on 220 Bayview Drive (units 6 and 7), which is leased. Boat show room and storage takes about half of that space with the store and sail loft taking up the other 3,000 square feet. Diane says there's approximately a year-and-a-half remaining on the current agreement.

Prior to operating the Sail Loft Marine Store, John Osborn owned Transat Marine, which was acquired by Western Marine Company about a decade ago. John continued working for the company after the sale, staying for about 10 years before recently deciding to retire. The Osborn's decided to purchase The Sail Loft Marine around the same time John sold Transat. "It was insurance,' explains Diane, "because we didn't know if working for the new owners at Transat would work out – as it happens it did.'

Currently the business employs a few staff members, including a veteran sail maker with 30 years of experience as well as the Osborn's son, Richard.

Those seeking additional information should contact Diane Osborn at (705) 737-3288.