Port Credit In-Water Boat Show Sells Out

The 19th annual Port Credit In-Water Boat Show, Mississauga, ON, reports that it has completely sold out its exhibitor space. The show opens at the Port Credit Harbour Marina tomorrow at 10 a.m. and runs to August 30.

According to Lori Mason, show manager and owner of The Store Mason's Chandlery, the show will have an increase in exhibitors, including several boat dealers, but slightly fewer boats in the water, with 75 on display.

In order to accommodate all of the exhibitors, Mason has had to temporarily relocate several regular boaters occupying slips at the marina.

“One nice thing about our show is that it can be as big or small as we want it, because we are working in a marina,” said Mason. “If I know in advance enough, I can relocate the regular boaters. This year we were short about six docks compared to last year because I couldn't relocate those boaters so close to the show date. The land space can be made as big or as small as we need. I can get up to approximately 80 slips or I can operate the show with less than that.”

Mason hopes the new exhibitors will recognize the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show as being different than other shows and encourage them to return.

“The new guys are going to find out what kind show we have and can make an informed decision on if they want to return. We feel that we're a different enough show that exhibitors can justify being here. It's a relaxed atmosphere and exhibitors do sell boats. They can bring their used boats down and maybe get them out.”