Pride of Muskoka West Becomes Chaparral Flagship Location

Pride of Muskoka West in Gravenhurst, ON has designated itself a flagship store for Chaparral boats. The dealership plans to display all of the brand's models except for wide-body cruisers.

Pride of Muskoka West, which opened in September 2007, is just one of five dealerships operated by Ontario-based Pride Marine Group.

“Chaparral is a great brand with a wide offering of product that hits several different marketplaces,” explains Jeff Barnes, Director of Marketing for Pride Marine Group. “Pride of Muskoka West is one of our newer locations and this arrangement allows us to get a strong foothold on the Muskoka marketplace on that side of the lake with a really well-known brand.”

Barnes believes the Pride of Muskoka West location is perfect for promoting the Chaparral brand in the area because it has both highway and water exposure. “Through transient traffic and brand recognition the Chaparral will allow us to elevate Pride of Muskoka West,” he says.

Gary Beck, Mid-West Regional Manager for Chaparral Boats agrees with Barnes' assessment. “Pride of Muskoka West's outstanding location on the water and highway exposure will be a real benefit for growing the Chaparral brand in the Muskoka market,” says Beck.

Pride of Muskoka West will continue to carry select models from Pride Marine Group's seven other brands, including Chris Craft, Nautique, Crownline, Edgewater, Tiara Yachts, Pursuit and South Bay, but will specialize in Chaparral boats sales. “We wanted to have one dealership that became the lightning rod for Chaparral customers,” explains Barnes.

Steve Davidson, Pride of Muskoka West's Manager, says his dealership currently has 23 different models and styles of Chaparral boats in stock. “The brand sells very well and we saw an opportunity in the 19- to 20-foot market,” says Davidson. “We also see in an opportunity with the brand's bigger boats in our area. This year we'll be displaying Chaparral models on both sides of Highway 169, which is right next to our dealership. We've also ordered some new signage that will help to identify us as a Chaparral flagship store.”

Barnes says currently there are no plans to turn Pride Marine Group's other locations into flagship stores.