Prospec Moves Toward NMEA2000 Integration

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina-based Prospec Electronics, a specialist in outdoor sound systems, is expanding its stereo offerings to include models that utilize the NMEA2000 communications standard. NMEA2000 allows marine electronics to connect via a network cable to other connected equipment recognize and interface with them.

Prospec will soon introduce the Infinity PRV450 and MBB400 Black Box stereos in time for model year 2017.

Once connected to an NMEA2000 network, the new stereos can be controlled by another device, such as a manufacturer's NMEA2000-enabled multi-function display (MFD), which could be mounted at a helm station or elsewhere on the vessel.

NMEA2000 is an international, plug and play interface communications standard developed by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). It enables interconnectivity and interchangeability between marine electronics, without a central network controller.

Prospec Electronics manufactures and distributes Infinity Marine, JBL Marine, MB Quart, Milennia and Seaworthy brands. Its products include stereos, black boxes, controllers and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts.